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Wood Floor New York

New York Wood Floors - Refinish, Repair & Install Specialists

We offer the following services:
Sanding - Sealing - Application of Filler Finishing / Re-finishing - Waxing and Polishing - Staining
Wood Floors Bleaching - Wood Floors Refinishing - Customized Wood Floor Installation
Buffing - Polyurethane Protection - Cleaning

Wood Floor Polishing, Bleaching and Cleaning

You invest a lot of money in the installation of your hardwood floors, and you want them to last a long time. Proper care and cleaning is a huge part of protecting that investment. Wood floors are not immune to the damage done by food, spills, and everyday grit and dirt. Protector pads on furniture legs and area rugs in high traffic areas help. However, you should implement a routine maintenance program to protect the surface finish from moisture and heavy wear. A routine professional cleaning is part of that program.

First, WoodFloor NY protect your home by laying down mats, corner guards, and masking walls and trim. Second, we remove your furniture and mask all vents and floor plugs. Then we thoroughly vacuum your floor with our high power machines to rid your floor of dirt. Our wet screen, dust free process further cleans out deeply embedded dirt and scratches. We then fill in all cracks with a color matched filler which removes dirt and grease pockets and makes your floor look more even and beautiful. Our last step is to reapply the floor finish to freshen and protect your hardwood floor.

We, at Woodfloor NY leaves your hardwood floors looking fresh and new with no mess and no fuss. Our experts ensure the protection of your furniture and valuables so you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands. We use only solvent based cleaners and polishes to protect your floors. We offer a "sandless" process of reapplying finish which takes less time and is less hassle for you. If the floor has been worn down to bear wood, we offer a comprehensive sanding and finishing service to restore your hardwood floors to their former beauty.



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